Converting CD-ROM drive to audio CD player


Here is the simplest scheme for converting a CD ROM drive of your computer to a Audio CD player. The minimum requirement for the player is that, it should have a audio output and skip button. Luckily most of the CD ROM’s are equipped with both of these.

The CD ROM drive needs two voltages, 12V & 5V for its operation. So the main objective is to build a suitable power supply for the CD ROM drive. The IC1 (7812) together with associated components produce a regulated 12V DC. The IC2 (7805) together with associated components produce a regulated 5V DC. These voltages as well as ground can be connected to the corresponding voltage pins of the CD ROM drive using a male type CD ROM drive power connector. The 12V can be connected to the yellow wire of connector, 5V to red wire and GND to black wire as shown in figure1. Now the power supply is ready.


Make the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram. Power up the circuit after connecting the power connector to the CD ROM drive. Now the power LED of the drive will glow.Insert the audio CD. Now the music will be available at the audio output socket of the drive.It can be heard using a headphone. The skip button of the drive can be used to play next song.

By connecting the audio output to a power amplifier you can enjoy the music in a greater wattage. Click Here! to get the amplifier circuits suitable for this project.

Circuit Diagram with Parts list.



  • For car stereo applications you don’t need the transformer,rectifier and the 7812 regulator. 12V will be available from battery.You just need to produce a 5V from it using a 7805 based regulator. Connect the corresponding voltages to the connector as shown in figure 1 and connect the connector to drive.Done.

  • The amplifier for the car audio CD player must be one operating from 12V.

  • Do not connect the voltages to CD ROM drive in wrong polarity.Double check the voltages using a multimeter. Wrong polarity could easily damage the drive.

  • cd-rom-drive-power-connector.jpg