Voltage doubler circuit using NE555

The circuit diagram of a very simple voltage doubler using NE555 timer is shown here. Here IC NE555 is wired as an astable mutivibrator operating at around 9KHz. The base of the two transistors (Q1 and Q2) is shorted and output of the astable multivibrator (pin 3) is connected to it. When the output of astable multivibrator is low, Q1 will be OFF and Q2 will be ON. The negative terminal of the capacitor C3 will be shorted to ground through T2 and it will be charged to the input supply voltage. When the output of the astable multi vibrator is high, transistor Q1 will be ON and transistor Q2 will be OFF. The capacitor C4 will be charged to the voltage across capacitor C3 plus the input supply voltage (that is double the input voltage). This is how the circuit works.

This voltage doubler circuit can deliver only up to 50mA output current and above that current limit the output voltage will be dramatically reduced. The actual output voltage will be around 19V for a 12V DC input and also the output voltage will be a bit unstable. Anyway, for low current applications this circuit is well enough.

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Circuit diagram.

voltage doubler using NE555 timer

  • Notes.
  • The circuit can be assembled on a vero board.
  • The output current should not be allowed to exceed 70mA.
  • IC1 must be mounted on a holder.