Fan speed controller using LM2941


Many electronic circuits related to fan speed controlling have been published here and this one is just another approach. The circuit diagram shown here is of 12V DC fan speed controller using the IC LM2941CT which is a low drop out 1A voltage regulator. The IC has a dropout voltage as low as 0.5 and has also many useful features like power supply reverse protection, thermal protection, short circuit protection etc. The maximum output current the IC can source is 1A.
The 12V DC supply is connected between the Vin (pin4) and ground (pin3) of the IC. The load, which is the fan, is connected across the Vout (pin5) and ground (pin3) of the IC. The network comprising of potentiometers R1, R2 and resistor determines adjust current (Iadj) of the IC. By varying the Iadj using the POT R2 we can adjust the output voltage of the IC and hence the fan speed.
Circuit diagram.

fan speed controller using LM2941


  • The circuit can be powered from 12V DC.
  • The maximum possible load current is 1A.
  • A heat sink is recommended for the IC.
  • POT R1 can be used to adjust the minimum fan speed.
  • POT R2 can be used to adjust the fan speed.