Man Machine Sound generator

Man Machine Sound generator

There are different type of sound generating or alarm or siren project available in different website. Here is the simple, inexpensive but different type of sound generator circuit in the series of alarm project. The project man mechine sound generator in this website is mostly used by ticker. It produced different type of man as well as machine sound

Circuit description of man machine sound generator

The circuit man machine sound generator is build and fabricated around timer IC NE555 (IC1) and two transistors. Timer IC (IC1) is configured as astable multivibrator and two transistors is used as clock oscillator. Oscillated frequency is dependent upon resistors R1 & R2 and capacitors C1 and C2. Clock pulse from transistor is given to pin no 5 of IC1 through resistor R5. The LEDs connected to collector of each transistor indicate the sound intensity. The output from pin 3 of IC1 is fed to loudspeaker through capacitor C3.

alarm project


Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)

R1, R2 = 4.7 KΩ

R3, R4 = 330 Ω

R5, R6 = 1 KΩ


C1 = 1000 µF/16V

C2 = 10 µF/16V

C3 = 100 µF/16V

C4 = 4.7 µF/16V


IC1 = NE555 (Timer IC)

T1, T2 = BC148 or BC548




LS1 = 8Ω loud speaker

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