Solar Panel Charging a Battery with Linear LTC4357

The LTC4357 is a positive high voltage ideal diode controller that drives an external N-channel MOSFET to replace a Schottky diode. When used in diode-OR and high current diode applications, the LTC4357 reduces power consumption, heat dissipation, voltage loss and PC board area.

The LTC4357 easily ORs power sources to increase total system reliability. In diode-OR applications, the LTC4357 controls the forward voltage drop across the MOSFET to ensure smooth current transfer from one path to the other without oscillation. If the power source fails or is shorted, a fast turn-off minimizes reverse current transients.

The LTC4357 controls an external N-channel MOSFET to form and ideal diode. The voltage across the source and drain is monitored by the IN and OUT pins, and the GATE prin drives the MOSFET to control its operation. In effect the MOSFET source and drain serve as the anode and cathode of an ideal diode.