AM2302 / DHT22 Datasheet


DHT22 utilizes exclusive digital signal collecting technique and humidity sensing technology and can ouptut calibrated digital signal. Small size & low consumption & long transmission distance (20 meters) enable AM2303 to be suited in all kinds of harsh applications.

Power voltage shoud be between 3.3V and 6V DC. When power is supplied to sensor don’t send any instruction to it withing one second to pass unstable status. One 100nF capacitor can be added between VDD and GND for wave filtering.

download DHT22 datasheet
DHT22 PinOut

DHT22 specifications

  • power supply: 3.3V – 6V DC

  • output signal: single-bus

  • sensing element: polymer humidity capacitor & DS18B20

  • measuring range: humidity 0-100% RH / temperature -40°C – 125°C

  • accuracy: humidity ±2% / temperature ±0.2°C

  • sensing period: ~2s